[Basic] Illustrate Software Building Blocks

Sofware Building Blocks of the IoT Studio includes Utility, Certificate, Remote Controller and Builder.

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[Basic] Illustrate Software Building Blocks

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The Software Building Blocks includes:
  • IoT Studio Utility
    The IoT Studio Utility is main building block, inlcudes Option, Users and Status sub building blocks.
    • Option
      The Option building block has tree parts: Web Service, Security Options and Log Config
      • Web Service
        This Web Service work for the remote control service. The Remote Control Service is window daemon. Web Service can enable/disable remote control serive and set service port and security token value.
      • Security Options
        The Security Options can enable/disable HTTPS for Service/Development Modes and launch the IoT Studio Certificate Utility set Certificate for HTTPS connection use.
      • Log Config
        The Log Config can enable/disable information logging for Service/Development Modes.
    • Users
      The Users building block has two parts: Administrator and Users.
      The Administrator part can reset admin password. The admin password defalut is 0000.
      The Users part can manage user account for Sevice/Development mode. The manage include add user, delete user(s), change Password and Access Right.
      The user Access Right has Read and Write/Execute two options.
      The Read right means user can read flow only, the Write/Execute right means user can modify and run flow.
    • Status
      The Status building Block provide the below functions for Service/Development Mode.
      • Check the Sevice Mode running status
      • Config URL and Port
      • Provide Start/Stop/Restart service function
      • Config Service can automatically start when windows system startup
    • IoT Studio Cert
      IoT Studio Cert utility use the OpenSSL can generate the self-sign SSL certificate for default certificate.
      User can use IoT Studio Cert to generate customize certificate for use.
    • IoT Studio Remote Controller
      IoT Studio Remote Controller use to remote control IoT Studio Service/Development work flow by RESTful API.
      The remote control can do the below featues for Service/Development modes.
      • Start work flow
      • Stop work flow
      • Restart work flow
      • Chnage Port for Service/Development mode
    • IoT Studio Builder
      IoT Studio Builder is for rebuild IoT Studio and optimize package.
      Because IoT Studio is Node-RED base when in module building needs the networking ready. If there are some issues on networking will cause the module building fail. Use IoT Studio Builder can rebuild again to fix networking is not stable issue.
      The optimize packge also can be builded by IoT Studio Builder.
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