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Software Building Blocks of the VideoWall include: Scene, Display and Media Formats Libraries.

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[Scene] Support Hotkey

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The VideoWall provide hot-keys for use do scene operation like change to next scenes, terminate present scenes and so on.
You can check those hot-key functions in VideoWall Utility Scene page - Hotkey Setting area.
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Hotkey Functions
  • Play: Ctrl + Shift + [P Character Key]
    Start to present the Scenes
  • Exit: Ctrl + Shift + [E Character Key]
    Terminate the Scenes presentation
  • First: Ctrl + Shift + [Up Arrow Key]
    Change to show the FIRST scene from current scene
  • Prev: Ctrl + Shift + [Left Arrow Key]
    Change to show the PREVIOUS scene from current scene
  • Next: Ctrl + Shift + [Right Arrow Key]
    Change to show the NEXT scene from current scene
  • Last: Ctrl + Shift + [Down Arrow Key]
    Change to show the LAST scene from current scene
  • Reload: Ctrl + Shift + [R Character Key]
    Reload the current scene content
  • Demo: Ctrl + Shift + [D Character Key]
    The presentation into DEMO mode from now to auto play scenes.
    The project has one start to DEMO mode time and the every scene has the own show times.
    When there are no any key events occurred over the DEMO mode tiime then VideoWall enter to auto play scenes mode.
    One by one to show and change scenes depends on their show time period.
  • Show VideoWall: Ctrl + Shift + [S Character Key]
    To display the VideoWall Scenes
  • Hide VideoWall: Ctrl + Shift + [H Character Key]
    To hide the VideoWall Scenes
  • Media Play/Pause: Ctrl + Alt + [P Character Key]
    Press the Ctrl+Alt+P pause the media play when media is playing.
    Press the Ctrl+Alt+P play the media play when media is paused.
  • Media Mute: Ctrl + Alt + [M Character Key]
    When first time VideoWall start to present scenes, VideoWall mute on the speaker.
    Then press the Ctrl+Shift+P will mute off the speaker, push keys again will mute on the speaker.
  • Scene 1:Ctrl + Alt + [1 Character Key] to Scene 15: Ctrl + Alt + [F Character Key]
    Those hot-key change to show the scene 1 ~ scene 15 directly from current scene.
    In current only provide the directly change 15 scenes because the keys has limited (1~9, A-F).
Customize Hotkey
  • Double click a scene function item on Hotkey Setting to open modify hotkey setting dialog
    hotkey modify.PNG
    hotkey modify.PNG (25.83 KiB) Viewed 3606 times
    modify the Hotkey field can change hotkey setting.
    Be careful don't type error or duplicate others hotkey setting to cause confuse or system error.
Best Regard,
VideoWall Support Team
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