[Basic] Introduce System Structure

System Structure of the IoT Studio includes Agent, Server, Viewer and CI/CD modes.

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[Basic] Introduce System Structure

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The IoT Studio System Structure include 4 parts:
  1. Agent
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    The Agent installed on Gateway response:
    • Collect gateway info for Server
    • Deploy lightway package in Gateway
    • Remote control by RESTful API in Gateway for Server and View Server HMI
    • Provide result entry for View Server Dashboard
  2. Server
    The Server installed on Edge Server response:
    • Collect Gateway info by Agent
    • Create Gateway work flow and optimize package depends on flow
    • Deploy optimize package through Agent in Gateway
    • Create Dashboard / HMI flow and optimize package for View Server
    • Deploy Dashboard / HMI flow optimize package through Agent in View Server
  3. Viewer
    The Viewer installed on View Server response:
    • Collect data from Gateway Agent for Dashboard
    • Controll Gateway from HMI
  4. CI/CS modes
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    The IoT Studio prodivde two modes: Development Mode and Service Mode for CI/CD mode.
    • Development Mode
      The Developmetn Mode means: IoT Studio intrgrate Node-RED and Industrial Protocols can development powerful Industrial solution. Those features:
      • Node-RED Base and Extension
      • Security HTTPS with configure Port
      • Service/Daemon in windows
      • Dashboard UI
      • 3th Party componenets supproted
    • Service Mode
      The Service Mode means: IoT Studio adopt web service agent working flow in Gateway. Those features:
      • Security HTTPS with configure Port
      • Lightweight Service/Daemon in windows
      • Work flow needs code base
      • Optimize working package size
      • 3th Party componenets supproted
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