[Scene] Explain VideoWall Scene Designer

Software Building Blocks of the VideoWall include: Scene, Display and Media Formats Libraries.

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[Scene] Explain VideoWall Scene Designer

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The scene is the logic unit in VideoWall for mapping the physical screen.

for example, there are 4 1K TV (1920x1080) layout to 2x2 (4K screen 3840x2160).
The VideoWall can create a 4K resolution scene to mapping the 2x2 layout for physical 4TVs.

Using VideoWall Editor operate the scene.
  • New a 4K scene
    • Launch VideoWall Editor
    • Click [File] in menu bar
    • Click [New] in open list to open New Project dialog
      new a project.PNG
      new a project.PNG (44.78 KiB) Viewed 1796 times
    • In New Project dialog, modify Resolution Width 3840, Height 2160, then press OK to create a 4K scene.
      New project.PNG
      New project.PNG (9.58 KiB) Viewed 1796 times
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